The most typical Poker Secrets and cheats And How To Prevent them

The most typical Poker Secrets and cheats And How To Prevent them 1

When there’ s discuss poker amongst people who don’ t enjoy the game, they will seem to believe that it’ ersus either a magnets for questionable people plus gamblers or even perceive this as a gentlemen’ s video game where one’ s phrase is their particular bond.

Virtually anybody ., as always, someplace in between.

Infidelity in online poker isn’ big t something you’ ll need to deal with on a daily basis. Actually most people will certainly not find themselves in times where they’ re getting cheated away from their cash at the desks.

However , that will doesn’ big t mean that infidelity doesn’ big t happen or even that you should rely on everyone blindly.

Whenever there exists a lot of money included, there will regularly be people wanting to get their practical the cash making use of whatever strategies necessary.

Being conscious of some of the most typical poker secrets and cheats will definitely decrease your chances of obtaining screwed more than, so these days I want to include the details of this subject.

Cheating Within Live Online poker Games

With regards to live online poker, the likelihood of obtaining cheated is a lot smaller in case you play in the casino or even an official online poker room rather than private house games.

While many players are usually in this video game to have several fun and create additional money, you can find straight photographers who will attempt to outplay a person within the guidelines of the video game.

But additionally, there are those who look for different ways to enhance their successful chances by utilizing means that are usually against online poker rules, making them upright cheaters.

Having said that, you should always maintain your eyes open up and look for any kind of signs of dubious activities at the table:

1 ) Colluding Within Tournaments

Probably the most common kinds of cheating within live online poker is colluding. It involves several players who all work together in order to beat all of those other table.

Normally, this is used in competitions and especially on final desks where everybody profits from the player getting eliminated.

Colluding players may have the agreement to keep one another alive.

They’ ll will not call a brief stack even if they have chances and credit cards to do it along with. They’ lmost all make insane folds for the tiny lake bet, conceding a big container to one of the colluding companions.

Obviously, this sort of behavior damages everyone else on the table since colluders is going to do everything they could to protect one another.

This is not simply against the nature of the video game, but it’ s furthermore against the guidelines.

Poker isn’ t the team sports activity, and while you are able to sometimes create a seemingly unusual decision in order to leave somebody in the competition because of the bubble or ICM pressure, a person can’ big t go out of your path time and time again to help keep someone survive.

The problem using this kind of infidelity is that it’ s usually hard to verify and do some thing about it.

When you can believe someone acquired clear chances to make a contact, there are simply no rules that will stipulate that they need to know everything about chances.

You can declare it’ ersus crazy in order to fold a set of Jacks for the nine huge blinds’ leave, but they may say they will just detest Jacks simply because they never earn with them.

Except if things actually get out of manage, the competition director can rarely perform anything regarding colluding gamers, especially in smaller sized buy-in activities.

This isn’ t to state that you shouldn’ t make a complaint, but if this fails, you should be ready to adapt to the new circumstance.

The best that can be done in this situation is to try to break the particular cooperation between your colluders simply by not allowing them to play cooking pots with each other and prevent getting compressed by one of these.

This can be challenging if one of the particular colluders is really a big collection, so you ought to assess the scenario. If presently there isn’ to much that you can do about it, relax and await good possibilities without making things a lot of.

2 . Signaling Cards

Occasionally, players coming together will take items to the next level simply by trying to transmission the strength of their own hand and even exact credit cards to their partner(s).

Having any extra information about your own opponents’ holdings can be a large edge and may only be performed through infidelity. When you’ re in the table, you’ re just supposed to understand your 2 hole credit cards.

Experienced cheaters will use various tricks to share information to each other without the remaining table realizing it. Generally, they’ lmost all use some kind of chip signaling.

For example , whether they have an Expert in their hands, they’ lmost all protect credit cards using 1 red nick. If they have a large pocket set (Queens or even better), they’ ll place two eco-friendly chips along with their credit cards, etc .

There might be countless variants, including online poker chips, cards placement available, hand placement, and other things that is simple to hide plus doesn’ to look dubious to other gamers.

This type of infidelity can go undetected for a while, particularly if both gamers are knowledgeable about it and also have practiced their own signals.

The issue is, even if you contact them to it, you’ re not likely to get a response from the ground the first time.

Plus, once they determine the lure is up, they’ ll most likely stop performing it.

3. Cards Marking

Tagging playing cards     may be the earliest trick available, but that will doesn’ to mean that a few players don’ t nevertheless use it to obtain the upper hand.

You need to be particularly conscious of this one in case you’ lso are playing at home game along with strangers since the host plus some of the regulars could have experienced access towards the deck prior to the game.

Nevertheless , more experienced cheaters aren’ to afraid of performing it in a on line casino, either.

You will find different ways credit cards can be noticeable.

With all-new technologies available, cheaters may use invisible printer ink and unique glasses in order to leave instead obvious scars on the credit cards that are just visible for them.

In a on line casino, you can always grumble if you notice some thing just doesn’ t mount up and request decking change.

Internet casinos will usually get these kinds of claims seriously. Infidelity with a noticeable deck this isn’ to just poor form; in several countries, the particular cheater can actually encounter legal effects and even visit jail with regard to doing it.

Within home online games, it’ h a bit more difficult.

If you notice some thing isn’ capital t right – too many unusual hero phone calls, big bluffs that don’ t seem sensible, or anything at all similar – you should most likely make your own excuses plus leave.

You could attempt to argue using the host, when you’ lso are the unusual one away, chances are they’ re within on it.

Simultaneously, you shouldn’ t become too weird, either.

Unusual things occur at the dining tables, especially in house games, where the level of perform tends to be subpar.

Just because somebody called straight down your three-barrel bluff along with bottom set, it doesn’ t suggest they’ lso are necessarily infidelity. They might you need to be a huge phoning station or perhaps a really good player whom picked up the live inform (the second option is hardly ever the case, though).

The bottom line is: if you think like you’ re becoming cheated, a good thing to do is definitely walk away. You’ re best not actively playing at all compared to playing with the particular deck piled against a person.

4. Base Deck Working

Another type of poker infidelity that you’ re more likely to encounter within private online games is the alleged “ base deck” working.

The method requires the person working cards and another of the people.

The seller – whom needs to be a reasonably capable cards mechanic to this away – may set the particular deck throughout the shuffling procedure in such a way concerning be able to offer particular credit cards from the base of the outdoor patio.

Imagine you’ re keeping a top established on a lemon with a get rid of draw. Without a doubt big, as well as your opponent phone calls. The switch is empty, and you open fire another large bet once more to protect your odds and give all of them wrong chances to run after.

Now, within a regular set up, most gamers will be dissuaded from phoning you along with one cards to come. Nevertheless , if you know that the dealer buddy will draw the magic cards on the water, it becomes easier.

Unless you’ re extremely experienced, it will eventually actually be difficult to notice base deck working.

A good card auto technician is usually in a position to do it therefore quickly that the untrained attention won’ capital t notice a positive change. So , you’ re best paying attention to unusual patterns rather.

If the scenario like the a single described over happens regularly and continually involves exactly the same player phoning against the chances and like magic , hitting in the river again and again, you should be cautious.

You’ lmost all rarely actually come across this kind of poker infidelity in a online casino.

Usually, this happens within a private online game of some kind, and make an effort to the same as for many other comparable situations: move out as fast as you are able to and don’ t return.

To be honest, it’ s continually very dangerous to play within unknown personal games, and you ought to actually prevent it in most cases.

Stick to actively playing in standard casinos along with people you really know in your house games, plus you’ lmost all be method less likely to obtain cheated.

The most typical Poker Secrets and cheats And How To Prevent them 2

Infidelity In Internet poker Games

Within online poker online games, although you’ ll become protected through some of the previously mentioned forms of infidelity, you’ lmost all also have to cope with other hazards that come with the web.

While gamers can’ capital t mark credit cards or have the particular dealer assist them away, there are numerous methods to cheat from online poker and much more than sufficient people each willing plus able to place these techniques to use.

one Colluding Plus Card Revealing

At a reside table, gamers have to develop plans plus strategies when they want to reveal card info and use each other.

On-line, however , this really is much easier.

What’ s right now there to stop somebody from developing a friend or even two seated at the same desk and talking via Skype ip telefoni or Viber, discussing fingers, sharing info, and even actively playing together with the objective of having chips or even money through the remaining gamers?

This is a   really     tricky online poker cheat in order to prove, plus there have been numerous confirmed samples of this type of perform across virtually all poker rooms on the market.

While online poker sites attempt to improve their protection and purchase software to guard the players, I’ m very sure that a lot of colluders possess flown underneath the radar, as well as the cheaters have not been captured.

The reality is it will take you some time to notice this type of cheating.

The very first couple of instances you take a seat to play plus encounter exactly the same people in your table, you’ ll most likely think these people just like to try out a lot.

Or even if you’ re actively playing on a smaller sized site there may not be several games operating, so getting the same gamers at your desk is quite regular.

But if you see people who just play collectively and earn more often compared to they mathematically should, after that this might really be suspicious.

The simplest way to deal with these types of situations would be to report involved immediately.

The particular poker space probably won’ t do something based on just one report, when there are several reports through multiple gamers, they’ lmost all eventually cope with the situation.

Given that rooms possess full access to hand chronicles and gap cards, they’ ll have zero problems discovering collusion.

It’ s really not hard to determine at all provided enough info. If and when they verify these accusations, players included will be prohibited, and you’ ll probably receive a minimum of some of the money-back.

2 . Robot Rings

Online poker bots have become a real issue for the internet poker community.

Although some players don’ t notice this like a form of infidelity, the majority concur that pc programs have zero business actively playing against people or, at least, human gamers should be aware they’ re actively playing against the bot rather than an actual individual.

A online poker bot is really a piece of software that’ s effective at playing a particular form of online poker based on predetermined parameters as well as his own sophisticated Artificial Cleverness algorithm.

A few of the newer robots are also effective at adjusting their own play within real-time, that makes them really dangerous competitors.

I’ meters in the get away that feels that making use of bots is usually cheating, and it also should have room in internet poker.

You can’ t actually use the debate that “ you shouldn’ t become playing in case you can’ to beat the bot” due to the fact that’ t a very fragile argument at this time. With so many effective solvers, monitoring software, along with other tools, contemporary poker robots can perform the game on the very high degree.

But it’ s not only about their own playing capabilities.

Even if the bot just plays a typical game, it is going to never obtain tired, it is going to never point, and it won’ t actually make any kind of misclicks.

And when you take those human element out of online poker completely, you’ re actively playing a very various game.

three or more. Ghosting

Picture you capture a great operate of credit cards in an wedding anniversary Sunday Mil and find your self at the last table along with hundreds of thousands within cash available.

Every spend jump is essential, every choice is crucial, plus you’ lso are not utilized to this kind of stress. Your typical buy-in is usually $5, as well as your biggest rating to date is usually $1, five hundred.

All of a sudden, you’ re actively playing for the start of $1, 000, 500.

Wouldn’ to it become nice in case you had somebody like Ivey or Fedor Holz dominate and cover things up?

Inside a live environment, this could never ever happen.

The particular “ 1 player for each hand” guideline applies in most poker rooms almost everywhere on the planet, plus you’ lso are not allowed in order to even inquire advice from the half-drunk buddy who’ t there in order to cheer a person on (even though some other players certainly wouldn’ to mind).

On the internet, however , the particular practice associated with “ ghosting” has become very commonplace within the MTT globe.

Players that are involved in staking groups, particularly, will often have another person take over complete control over their own computer after they hit a significant final desk.

No matter how a person try to spin and rewrite this, it’ s an enormous deal – and obviously cheating – although it’ s difficult to prove.

The issue with ghosting is two fold.

First of all, with someone along with better abilities take over, you’ re enhancing your EV in case. This actually requires simply no further description.

Secondly, with someone else period spot, you’ re lying to other gamers. They’ lso are playing a technique that is designed to work towards someone having an average buy-in of $5. That exact same strategy certainly won’ to work towards someone who mashes $1, 500 tournaments.

This really is, of course , a long example, however the point continues to be.

If a space could confirm 100% that will someone else has been clicking control keys instead of the gamer who owns the particular account, they’ d certainly confiscate their own winnings.

Nevertheless , this can quickly be prevented by the real player doing it clicking as the PRO requires what to do on the phone, plus there won’ t become an easy way to this.

Unfortunately, there isn’ t a lot you can do to safeguard yourself from this form of infidelity.

If you notice a specific player offers suddenly transformed their design dramatically, getting way more intense, for example , you need to definitely think about the possibility that will they’ lso are being ghosted.

The best thing that you can do is stay with a solid plus GTO-based technique and don’ t depend too much upon any says you were capable to gather as much as that point.

The most typical Poker Secrets and cheats And How To Prevent them 3

Most widely known Real-Life Samples of Cheating Within Poker

Main rules associated with cheating (in poker and general) is that you simply shouldn’ to get captured doing it. In case you get captured, it usually means that that you’ re performing something incorrect, or you’ ve forced your fortune too far.

Probably, you’ ve never heard of the majority of cheaters because they obtained away from it.

However , there are several quite popular examples of online poker cheats, each online and reside, that obtained caught:

one Ultimate Wager / Complete Poker Infidelity Scandal

One of the greatest examples of infidelity in the internet is linked to two sibling rooms – Absolute Online poker and Greatest Bet.

Everything happened within the mid plus late-2000s, therefore quite a while back, but the tale made online poker history but still stands among the biggest samples of why you should never ever let your own guard straight down when actively playing online.

This particular scandal included super-user balances – something which both poker portal denied actually existed prior to they were captured red-handed.

1st came Complete Poker within 2007. It had been during a large online competition that gamers noticed that some thing was wrong. Many of the gamers went to online poker forums in order to air their own complaints and ask for an investigation.

Among the players active in the tournament asked for from AP to send more than their competition history. In error, the room really sent all of them a file that will showed all of the hands through all the gamers, and this was your smoking weapon the community required.

After thoroughly reviewing a brief history, it grew to become apparent that certain player, “ Potripper, ” was producing perfect choices throughout the occasion. Always producing the right choice during the toughest of places, “ Potripper” ended up successful the competition.

The later on investigation simply by KGC, the particular room’ s i9000 licensing specialist, confirmed these types of findings plus it was uncovered that the individual behind the particular “ Potripper” alias had been actually utilizing a master accounts during the competition to view additional players’ gap cards, which usually explained just how he could play therefore perfectly.

Total Poker ultimately admitted the presence of super-user balances, acknowledged that certain of them had been used by the gamer in question, plus reimbursed.

Nevertheless , they by no means admitted it turned out an inside work in any way, form, or type.

The Ultimate Wager cheating structure came to lighting a bit afterwards, in early 08.

The set up was very similar to exactly what had occurred at AP as gamers detected specific accounts that will had win-rates that were far too high. A single account specifically, “ NioNio, ” had been extremely dubious.

The internal analysis by the area confirmed these types of allegations, declaring there was a team of players exactly who used the super-user accounts to view additional players’ credit cards.

UB stated the infidelity took place through 2006 in order to 2007, however the later analysis by KGC concluded that super-user accounts had been used as soon as 2004.

The space was fined $1. five million, although not much otherwise happened, which usually naturally triggered players to begin running for lives, making UB within waves.

It had been only afterwards, in 2013, that incriminating phone discussions between Russ Hamilton, among the owners associated with UB, and many other people found light.

During these conversations, Hamilton admitted in order to blatantly infidelity players for a long time, profiting more than $15 mil from the structure.

In the exact same conversation, Hamilton showed simply no willingness or even desire to create things correct and caused it to be pretty crystal clear he had been happy maintaining the money earned through infidelity.

2 . Borgata Open As well as the Counterfeit Potato chips Situation

Whenever you’ lso are running serious in a huge tournament, you’ re seldom in such a good spot that you simply couldn’ capital t find a good use for a few extra potato chips in your collection.

The regular method to get them can be by actively playing poker plus trying to earn some cooking pots, or you can just provide a few mil extra potato chips in your handbag and include them to your own stack.

In 2014, Alfredia L   oughout   sardi     went for your latter choice in the Borgata Poker Open up.

With simply 27 gamers left within the tournament and much more than $370, 000 appropriated for the champion, Lusardi thought he could provide himself an advantage by increasing his competition stack along with counterfeit potato chips.

Lusardi got ordered fake chips through China, held them in the hotel room with Borgata, plus introduced various amounts through the entire tournament.

Once the staff captured wind that will something rubbish was taking place and ceased the enjoy, they learned that more than $800, 000 really worth of fake chips had been added to the particular play.

The authorities got included, and it wasn’ t a long time before they identified that Lusardi (who, actually, busted the particular tournament regardless of all of their efforts) was your culprit.

On searching their room, they will discovered $2. 7 mil worth associated with chips blockage the toilet because the cheater got unsuccessfully attempted to get rid of the proof by flushing them.

Lusardi was imprisoned and afterwards admitted in order to his wrongdoings.

When the law enforcement searched their apartment, in addition they discovered Dvd disks with fake labels, incorporating further fees to the combine.

He pleaded guilty in order to both fees and obtained a fairly severe penalty associated with five yrs in jail.

Lusardi didn’ t need to do the full period, though. He or she was released within 2016, after working just 8 months at the rear of bars.

When it comes to tournament, Borgata ended up eliminating the event plus reimbursed most of affected gamers.

Some didn’ t agrees to this choice, and there was multiple legal cases raised contrary to the casino, however in all situations, judges maintained the decision produced by the NJ-NEW JERSEY Division associated with Gaming Adjustment.

3. WSOP $10, 1000 Heads Upward Championship Credit card Marking Dispute

During the 2015 World Number of Poker, there is a pretty huge scandal that will involved several high-profile gamers and one Valeriu Coca, a reasonably unknown participant from Moldova who was actively playing his initial WSOP occasion.

Namely, throughout the $10, 1000 Heads Upward Championship, the prestigious occasion that draws in best of the best, Coca went on to remove one participant after one more with ease.

People who played with Coca raised their particular concerns plus said they will felt there is something strange going on throughout those fits.

Coca had been only removed by Keith Lehr, exactly who went on in order to win the particular tournament, delivering Coca packaging in five   th     place.

The particular uproar in the neighborhood was sufficient to cause an official WSOP investigation.

Virtually all players documented the same thing. Coca was performing weirdly on the tables, continuously shuffling their cards, holding on, and his choices lacked any type of consistency.

Occasionally he would click call a good all-in having a medium-strength hands; sometimes, he’ d get forever along with fairly solid holdings.

In spite of all the hassle, the WSOP investigation couldn’ t discover any proof of cheating.

Products were examined for the unseen ink that will some gamers believed has been used by Coca to tag the credit cards, but simply no traces had been found. Therefore , officially, the particular Moldavian performed fair plus square.

Nevertheless , during the analysis and because of all the press attention this particular case captured, Coca’ t checkered previous came to gentle.

It turned out this individual was prohibited from internet casinos and poker portal in Prague for infidelity or, a lot more precisely, tagging cards.

Simply no invisible printer ink was utilized, though. Coca simply used small, nearly invisible nicks to nobleman and aces.

So , whilst he has been cleared associated with any wrongdoing in the WSOP event, the particular cloud associated with doubt continued to be. There was simply no actual proof of cheating, therefore it remains the mystery.

four. Partouche Online poker Tour Collusion Scam

I did so say that you’ re more prone to get scammed in a personal poker online game than in a large tournament, yet this doesn’ t suggest there isn’ t the risk whenever playing within a major occasion.

Cheaters choose their places, and when the opportunity arises, these people grab this.

The situation through the 2009 Partouche Poker Trip Main Event is a wonderful example of collusion and how large of an impact it can possess on last tournament outcomes.

The structure involved 2 players, Cedric Rossi plus Jean-Paul Pasqualini, who utilized hand indicators to article their gap cards to each other.

The structure clearly worked well very well for that duo because they went on in order to claim the very best two places in the event.

The particular cheaters would possibly have obtained away from it had their own movements not really been captured on digital camera. Later evaluation of the last table video footage showed how the duo utilized a complicated signaling program to exchange the info.

One especially damning hands was the a single where short-stacked Pasqualini indexed Ace Ruler, an absolute beast in general, yet especially when actively playing on a brief stack.

However, after dealing with a re-raise from Rossi, who adopted the activity by putting both hands in the forehead, Pasqualini proceeded to deliver his hands into the ruin. It was a proper decision, because Rossi has been holding wallet aces!

There have been many more situations where the particular duo prevented the conflict after swapping what obviously looks like some prearranged indicators.

Their program code was later on broken down, and it also turned out that they had a particular group of signals for nearly every essential type of hands there is.

In the long run, Pasqualini plus Rossi had been allowed to maintain their earnings despite all of the allegations plus uproar in the neighborhood.

Both gamers were taken off the Global Online poker Index listing for honest breaches, however, not much otherwise happened.

Naturally , both Pasqualini and Rossi negated all of collusion claims, and Partouche officials sided with them, therefore there were simply no further activities taken.

five. Mike Postle And The “ God Mode”

One of the more current poker infidelity scandals alerts about the hazards of new systems.

The story has been one of the biggest associated with 2019, and it also involves Gemstones Gambling Corridor and a person named Paul Postle (below).

Stones Betting Hall has been by no means the well-known online poker venue. Trying to improve the presence and obtain some presence, the room chose to introduce reside streaming associated with games plus extended invites to some pretty known gamers.

It was a good idea plus things had been going pretty much until infidelity accusations made an appearance.

There was a single regular within the Stones online game who was right now there for almost each session, along with seemingly outstanding poker capabilities.

Mike Postle was the look at almost every flow. His amazing reading abilities, how this individual was able to move away from difficult places – everything turned Postle into the leading man the Gemstones game.

However, best of the best don’ t provide their A-game all the time, therefore eventually, gamers started to obtain suspicious.

There is absolutely no single gamer out there whom doesn’ capital t make a large mistake each now and again. A person can’ capital t always be just right with your says – until you know precisely what your competitors are keeping.

Accusations began to surface that will Postle is at cahoots along with someone through the Stones who had been feeding your pet the gap card info.

Since it was readily available for loading purposes, it had been certainly feasible for someone inside to find a method to intercept this and deliver it to Postle’ t phone.

Exactly what followed has been probably one of the greatest community-driven research in online poker cheating accusations in the good the game.

Numerous streamers plus high-profile gamers took this upon by themselves to go through hrs of the Gemstones cash video game footage, dissecting every essential hand Postle was associated with.

It was getting increasingly apparent that will something rubbish was taking place since one particular situation right after another, hands after hands, Postle had been always producing the right phone calls.

The video also uncovered Postle often checking their phone just for something, yet apart from one particular fairly hazy frame, it’ s unattainable to see what’ s in the phone.

Rocks officials executed their inner investigation plus concluded there is no infidelity going on. So far as the room had been concerned, it was the end from it, but the neighborhood just wouldn’ t let it go.

New movies and community forum threads held popping up plus, eventually, details spilled beyond poker sectors.

Almost ninety players who had been involved with the particular games on the Stones filled up a lawsuit towards Postle, the particular poker area, and the online poker room supervisor, asking for 10 dollars, 000, 1000 in problems.

The suit was submitted in Ca in Oct of 2019, and the attorney representing thought they had an extremely strong situation.

However , the particular judge disagreed.

In 06 of 2020, the suit was terminated by the courtroom. According to the state’ s laws and regulations, any failures related to betting can’ big t be retrieved in courtroom.

This is an previous law that could not be consistent with modern times, however it is the regulation non-etheless, plus Postle’ ersus legal group used it to have the case terminated.

Although the entire situation remains ongoing, apparently nothing should come out of it finally.

The biggest infidelity scandal associated with recent times, usually dubbed “ Postlegate” by media, may end up being yet another cautionary story.

You can’ t actually hope or even expect somebody else to protect a person at the desks, so if some thing smells rubbish, just get out there while you may. There are plenty of video games running all the time, so why go through the one where something is obviously out of purchase?

Learn The Typical Cheats To prevent Getting Scammed

When it comes to infidelity in online poker, you don’ t have to be overly weird, but maintaining your safeguard up plus staying careful doesn’ big t hurt.

So far as risk is certainly concerend, personal games are most likely where you need to pay one of the most attention.

While many people are sincere and just wish to play several poker, there’ s normally the possibility of somebody inviting a person over to free you associated with some cash in the dishonest way – the same as “ The particular Tip” online poker con.

Remain aware of your own surroundings plus pay close attention to almost everything going on who are around you, especially if you’ re in the new atmosphere and encircled by individuals you don’ t understand well.

On the web, there is always the chance of being scammed, so you should know about the mentioned earlier on cheats is to do your best to shield yourself yet don’ big t become as well paranoid along the way.

Remember that occasionally, several poor beats in the row are simply a thread of misfortune. Usually gamers can’ big t see your credit cards or understand that you’ lso are bluffing – they simply hate foldable.

Stay sensible, play this cool, plus try not to leap to any a conclusion too quickly.

The most typical Poker Secrets and cheats And How To Prevent them