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Our company employs the best writers who review online casinos in the USA for readers. Our experts have more than five years of experience in the gambling sphere. Each specialist has certain qualities and skills which allow us to improve our services.

Online casino authors are talented, smart, and promising people. Everyone is doing a great job. The casino reviews are improving daily, thanks to such a terrific line-up. If you are interested in the team, read our review, and find out more details about them.

Our Team of Gambling Experts

Our excellent team is made up of the best people. Our employees are experienced and very educated people. Each of them has already achieved its big goals. All of them work in the field of gambling. Our specialists know very well what everyone who wants to play at an online casino needs to know.

Cory Bone, Samson Pope, Karrie Gibson, Phebe Higgins, and Basil Lindsay are on the list of the best casino workers. We have prepared a detailed information about each of them. Thanks to this material, you'll find out who helps you make sense of this or that gambling establishment. And so, below, you can learn a little better from our experts:

Casino Author Cory Boone

Cory Boone is a young up-and-coming guy who heads up the gambling expert job. He scrutinizes all the characteristics of online casinos, such as:

  • payment system;
  • the optimization of the gaming site;
  • the range of online games.

His mania makes online casino reviews fascinating and informative. He is a true professional in his craft. As each parameter of the online casino is considered in detail. He was the first on the team, so he knows everything about online casino reviews. 

Samsone Pope is a 45-year-old UI designer who loves sports and betting. Samsone's love for sports started a long time ago. With the help of his hobbies, he studies all betting shops and online casinos very attentively.

Casino Author Samsone Pope
Casino Author Karrie Gibson

Karrie Gibson is a young, beautiful, and very hardworking girl. Karrie is a very generous, bright, optimistic woman. She holds the leading position of UX designer. The girl is very persistent in studying all the details of game platform design on the Internet. In this regard, our reviews describe in detail the details of the online casino site.

Phebe Higgins is a 29-year-old girl who holds the online casino design specialist position. Like Karrie Gibson, Phebe prepares reviews of interfaces and designs of gaming platforms for our readers. Also, note that in her free time, she likes to travel. So all her life, the girl visits more and more new places. Phebe Higgins is hilarious and kind.

Casino Author Phebe Higgins
Casino Author Basil Lindsay

Basil Lindsay is a young, talented 30-year-old guy. He loves series, camping, and traveling, but Basil is passionate about online casino designs and interfaces. Basil Lindsay has considerable talent in this field. Previously the guy just drew for himself, but now he is an online casino expert.

Samson Pope and Karrie Gibson are not just gambling authors and UX and UI designers. This kind of design is responsible for designing user-friendly and understandable aesthetic interfaces. Karrie is a UX designer. She is considered a specialist whose task is to analyze the usability of an online casino site. It is from the response of this specialist that the evaluation of the usability of the gaming portal depends.

She works hard to make a fair and honest review on an online casino. Samsone Pope is considered a UI designer who is in charge of reviewing the content of the gaming site and systematizing the elements.

These staff members are prominent in developing the online casino review and the management. This staff will handle all the unresolved problems and tasks without central management. These guys and girls have excellent prospects, which such employees can only dream of. 

Thanks to these staff members, our readers get quality, honest, and informative reviews. Our team has made sure to recommend you only the best gaming platforms. You can find only safe and profitable platforms in our lists of the best online casinos. When you go to these online casinos, you can be sure that your personal and banking information is securely protected, as our experts can only recommend licensed gaming platforms that particular organizations regulate. 

It is worth noting that our company has 24-hour support. The company's employees, namely Karrie Gibson, can help solve any customer issue at any time.

We hope this article was handy and every client learned something new.